Hyundai’s Certified Pre-Owned Program: Redefining Pre-Owned Quality

We’re all down to earth, no-nonsense people here in Waldorf, and we expect our vehicles to be just as practical as we are. This practicality, above all else, takes the form of reliability and safety. But, especially in this economy, it also needs to be cost-effective as well. It can seem hard to have your cake and eat it too, when it comes to affordability and reliability in a modern vehicle.

Hyundai seems to have felt the same way, and that’s why they’ve created their new certified pre-owned program, which is changing the standards for a pre-owned vehicle. They’re driven (pun intended) to achieve a “like new” quality with these vehicles not just in their appearance, but their safety and reliability as well. To do this, they put these vehicles through an intense 150-pont inspection that lets no flaw, even tiny, make it through.

They’re so confident in vehicles meeting these specifications that they’ve included comprehensive warranties that just add to the reliability.

Come visit us at Sheehy Hyundai of Waldorf today to see for yourself how Hyundai is changing the game when it comes to pre-owned vehicles.




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