Safer driving – spotting exhaust leaks!

Did you know your exhaust can leak? At Sheehy Hyundai of Waldorf, we believe in empowering people with good, useful automotive knowledge, because this can save money and time, if not many lives in most cases. That in mind, let’s look at some signs of exhaust leaks, and why these symptoms happen. These can lead to bigger problems, so if you’re experiencing any of these, you should come visit us today for a tune up and maintenance.
  • Hissing noises – Pressure can build up, and bad gaskets and other loosened seals can also cause cross-contamination, which culminate in all manner of unusual noise from your exhaust.
  • Vibration – Your exhaust can be come rusty, and parts of it can become loose over time, both of which result in vibration when you turn your car, or even when you idle.
  • Leaks – Leaks can occur as thermal expansion wreaks havoc on your gaskets.
  • Performance loss – This all comes together to result in loss of gas mileage among other things.


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