Meet Our Staff

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Erica Kallop
General Manager

Hi, I am Erica and I have been with Sheehy since 2011. I am a Veteran with the United States military, and I love giving back to the community. I have participated in Hyundai Hope on Wheels, and believe that the only reason why our business is successful is because of the community! We thank you!

Emmanuel Jean Francois
General Sales Manager

Hi! Everyone calls me Manny. I have been with Sheehy Hyundai since 2014.  I enjoy working out in my spare time, and believe that great customer service comes with treating people the way that you would want not only yourself but your family to be treated, and we look forward to being apart of the Hyundai family!

Ewing Folks
New Car Sales Manager

Hi everyone! I'm Ewing and I have been with the Hyundai family since 2014. I started in the jewelry business. I love to travel and I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. I look forward to working with you.



Eric Cosme
Finance Manager

My name is Eric. I have worked with the Sheehy family since 2017. I have background in Ford cars, and Hyundai.

Laura Via
Finance Director

Tania Proctor
Finance Manager

Hi All! I am Tania, and I have been with Sheehy Hyundai since 2017. I started out with our Internet team and grew with the company. I enjoy spending time with my children and love working with people.



Jermaine Bright
Certified Product Specialist

Good day folks.. My name is Jermaine and I have been with Sheehy Hyundai since 2015. I love and believe in the Hyundai brand, and I really look forward with working with you.

James Miller
Certified Product Specialist

My name is James, and I am full of energy. You will know me when you see me. I have two beautiful young daughters that I love to spend time with, and when I am not with them - I love being helpful and learning more about the product so that I can help my customers.

Calvin Jackson
Certified Product Specialist

Hi my name is Calvin. I have over 10 years in the car business, and have been with the Sheehy family for years. I am active in my community, I help the youth, and am a mentor. I love what I do, and believe in truth, hard work and a little laugh and smiles along the way.

Douglas Curtis
Certified Product Specialist

Hi! Everyone calls me Doug! I am lively and fun to be around, and I believe that taking care of the customer first is more important than everything. In my spare time I love to hang with my friends, travel and further my education.

Cecil McCoy
Certified Product Specialist

Hello! I am Cecil! Success is not based on material things, it is based on your character and doing what you say you are going to do. You can always hold me to the standard that I am going to follow-through and follow-up. Look forward to working with you.

Eric Coates
Certified Product Specialist

Hey Everyone! I am Eric Coates. I have been with Hyundai since 2015. I am from D.C. and I love sports, and family.

Justin Deniston
Certified Product Specialist

Hi Everyone! I am Justin. Work for me isn't just about a paycheck, it is about seeing the excitement of the guest and helping them!

Steven Miller
Certified Product Specialist

Hi I am Steve. I love fashion, and motorcycles. I enjoy working with Hyundai and I can't wait to work with you!



Jim Darrow
Service Manager

Hi Everyone! My name is Jim. I have been with Hyundai for less than a year, and look forward to creating a great customer experience for you. I enjoy my family time and can't wait to service your vehicles!

Carissa Borst
Customer Service Representative

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