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Hyundai Lease End Options

Lease End Options




With your lease coming to an end, you'll have to make a decision about what your next steps will be with your Hyundai. You can either buy your leased Hyundai vehicle, buy another Hyundai, lease a new Hyundai, or simply return your leased vehicle. No matter which option you choose, we're here to help! To make the lease end process easier for you, we've listed everything you'll need to know about your lease end options.

Option 1: buy your leased Hyundai vehicle


Congratulations on your decision to purchase your leased vehicle! We're very excited you've decided to choose this option and have outlined the 4 easy steps you'll need to take to start the process of buying your new Hyundai!


  1. Click here to log into your HMF account to get your buyout quote.
  2. Stop by our store located at 2910 Crain Highway Waldorf, MD 20601 or call us at Phone Number(301)685-6411 to let us know that you're interested in buying your leased Hyundai


  1. Call a lease end advisor at (855)463-5378 and let them know you're planning on buying your leased Hyundai.
  2. Select a payment option/plan
  3. Continue to enjoy your Hyundai vehicle!

And to show our appreciation for you, our loyal customer, we'll waive up to $400 of your disposition or turn-in fee and will cover up to $500 of excess wear and use charges! That's a loyalty reward of up to $900!

Option 2: buy a new Hyundai


If you're tired of leasing and looking to upgrade, then buying a new Hyundai is the right option for you! We have an extensive selection of new inventory and our dedicated and supportive sales team is here to help you find the car of your dreams!

Whether you're shopping online or at our store, make sure to talk with someone on our sales team once you've found your perfect car! We'd be happy to take you on a test drive, answer any questions you might have or get the paperwork started so you can take home your new Hyundai!


And the best part about buying a new Hyundai once your lease ends, is that up to $400 of your disposition/turn in fee will be waived and we'll cover up $500 of excess wear and use charges! Since you are continuing to be a loyal customer, we want to treat you to this Loyalty Reward. Just make sure that you properly finalize your lease end process before buying your new Hyundai vehicle.


Option 3: lease another new Hyundai vehicle


If you want to mix it up and get an even newer model with all the best and most current technologies, then leasing another new Hyundai is perfect for you! Make sure to check out our huge selection of new Hyundai vehicles and let us know once you've found one you like

Once you finish the lease end process and turn-in your current vehicle, you'll be able to drive off in your brand-new Hyundai! And to show our appreciation for your loyalty, we'll waive up to $400 of your disposition/turn-in fee and waive up to $500 in excess wear and use damages!


Option 4: turn in your leased Hyundai vehicle

If you're moving, not in need of a vehicle, downsizing, or simply not in the market for a new Hyundai, then you can easily return your vehicle and walk out without leasing or buying a new Hyundai. You'll need to make sure that you've done each of the following steps before turning in your new vehicle:

  • Inspected the entire vehicle for excess wear and use.
  • Thoroughly cleaned the inside and outside of the vehicle.
  • Removed any tags or parking decals.
  • Ensured that all equipment that was originally provided with the vehicle is still present. (For more info about this either call us at Phone Number(301)685-6411 or visit
  • Filled out and signed the Odometer Disclosure StatementPDF Download and faxed it to (972)590-3968.
  • Cancelled any automatic payments you've got set up.
  • Scheduled an appointment with us to return your leased vehicle.

Once all of the above steps have been completed you'll be all set to turn in your leased vehicle! Please keep in mind that there is a $400 disposition or turn-in fee for returning your leased vehicle. This is required by Hyundai Finance and cannot be waived. You might also be charged for excess wear and use if the vehicle is returned in less than satisfactory condition. To avoid any excess wear and use fees, make sure that you are paying very close attention to your vehicle when going through the self-assessment.